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Hi, I'm Claire

Claire Vorster, Writer and Communication Coach
"In the nearly twenty years of my career I have not met a more trustworthy, detail conscious and driven for excellence individual. Deadlines are always met, and the quality of her work superb."
—LJ, Sr Director of Publishing and Marketing,
Cook Communications
I've written 1million+ successful words
for 50+businesses & brands

Great Content

I've created, managed and consulted on B2B, B2C, and SaaS customer communication for companies including Budget Direct, Direct Asia, Easy Compare, Eigen Risk, Microsoft, Royal Bank of Scotland, and Virgin Money.
OK, Results?

B2C  example  
DirectAsia was the first online disruptor in the insurance industry in Singapore. I ran and created most of DirectAsia’s content, which made a huge impact on organic search.

My work was featured in Singapore and SE Asia news media, Yahoo Finance Singapore, Asia Insurance Review, Share Investment, and/or on the company website and all social media. Pieces I wrote or edited still rank highly on the first page of traffic to the Direct Asia website.
Within a year at ​Budget Direct Singapore, my team achieved high first page organic ranking for competitive key terms like car insurance. Five years after its launch, organic search still accounts for 71% of traffic to the Budget Direct Singapore website.

"What you and your team have done is an outstanding achievement. Magic!"GD, Head of Marketing, Budget Direct Insurance, Singapore

SAAS / B2B example 
EigenRisk is an SaaS platform that helps P&C (RE)INSURERS, BROKERS AND RISK PROFESSIONALS identify opportunities while limiting their exposure to adverse catastrophe risk - flooding, hurricanes, wildfires, and so on.

I have been instrumental in training the Content and Marketing teams to write smarter. We’ve optimised the website and developed a more consistent client and prospect email / Linkedin content flow. Website traffic is up and EigenRisk has just taken on a large Swiss-based client with multiple risk analytic requirements.
Home Biz Results

Good Content is Good Business


blackgold social template .jpg

Wouldn't it be great to get your content working, so you can:

Connect with a skeptical buyer

Make their problem relatable

Help them understand what you do

Humanize you and your company

Eliminate discovery resistance

Enable them to introduce other influencers and buyers to your brand

blackgold social template  copy 2.jpg

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