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Notebook and Pen

When you elevate your story, your business or brand grows. It's a win-win. I can help you to place mood-enhancing, shareable storytelling at the heart of everything you do. This way you will build rapport and trust faster, and more authentically. If we simply focus on B2B or B2C, words that work can:

Connect with a skeptical buyer

Make their problem relatable

Help them understand what you do

Humanize you and your company

Eliminate discovery resistance

Enable them to introduce other influencers and buyers to your brand

Wouldn't it be great to choose how you want your

business or brand to grow? Now you can.


You have a great business idea, you have customers, you also have stress. Relax knowing that your brand identity, core messages, and key words are in capable hands.

I listen, I learn, I deliver.


You have an established business or brand, now you want to sharpen and elevate the story of how you change things for the better. Headlines, taglines, web pages, content calendars

I listen, I learn, I deliver.


You're doing OK, managing the task at hand. But you need a dash of creativity, a breath of fresh air, eyes that know what's missing. Let's have coffee, set me work for a day or longer. I'll roll up my sleeves and give you the focus, sparkle or influence you've been looking for.

Hello, I'm Claire.

Want to know what it's like working with me?

Claire Vorster, Writer & Communication Coach

"Claire is a gem. We were introduced and I had her write a PR article for me. The process was seamless. From initial meeting, to interview, to edits to communication that the piece was live, Claire made it all simple.

I would highly recommend her as a true professional who makes what is difficult, seem easy.

P.S. Here is the link to what she wrote for me, so you can judge for yourself"

Strength and Power in Business. Getting from Ideas to Execution

—Ben Baker, Speaker, Author, CEO

Claire specialises in writing, editing and product development for businesses, magazines, publishers and online markets in SE Asia, the US and UK. Recent work includes achieving the goal of high first page rank for organic key word searches in the competitive insurance market. Claire is a published author and communication coach; she knows that when you want to influence someone’s brain, you need to start with science - facts versus desire. 

She is a member of the Oxford University Press Research Forum. Claire's writing is currently featured in a book by Financial Times columnist Professor Heather McGregor.

Language is power. Let us find your success story.

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