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Claire Vorster is published in the UK, US, Europe and SE Asia.
Here's a quick look at her published work.

Ghost Writing

I have written biographies  for famous people. I have to keep their identities top secret. But I can tell you what  Book Reviewers say about my writing:

It’s big hearted. Moving and pacey in its writing."
—Good Book Stall 


"This is probably one of the most entertaining, honest and inspiring books I have ever is not always fun and froth; there is much poignancy too.” 
—Reader Review 

"5 out of 5 stars. What a good read. Well written, hilariously funny with some serious bits - a book I can highly recommend."
—Reader Review 

"5 out of 5 stars. It is well written, hilariously funny with some serious bits - a book I can highly recommend."
—Reader Review


Ellie Sparrow and the Great Fire of London:

Sizzling adventure story for children ages 9-12


Ellie Sparrow's summer gets hotter by the minute! This adventurous 12-year-old girl just stumbled upon an ancient secret in the ruins of a monastery destroyed by agents of King Henry VIII. Now she must fulfil an age-old promise as she becomes helplessly entwined in lives and events surrounding the Great Fire of London.

Forced to live on her wits, Ellie discovers the resilience of friendship in this teeming, chaotic, somewhat menacing city. When the Great Fire catches hold, Ellie’s world shifts again, perilously this time. Difficult choices have to be made, choices that will propel Ellie to the court of King Charles II. Can Ellie’s presence be the key to saving the life of an innocent man


Featured In

Currently, Claire's writing is featured in a book written by Financial Times columnist Professor Heather McGregor, now the Executive Dean of Edinburgh Business School. Published by Penguin, Mrs Moneypenny's Career Advice for Ambitious Women, distills a lifetime's experience of running businesses and shaping careers into original, practical advice. 

Editorial Reviews

“This wisdom-filled guide obliterates the myth that women can ‘have it all,’ and in the process does an invaluable service of redefining success and happiness for everyone.” 
Arianna Huffington

“Straightforward, to the point, idealistic and pragmatic.”

Christina Falcone, World Economic Forum

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