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Content Creation . Brand Voice . Public Speaking . Fiction & Publishing . University Entrance . iGCSE and IBDP English Language & Literature

Hello, I'm Claire. What's it like working with me?

"Claire is a gem. We were introduced and I had her write a PR article for me. The process was seamless. I would highly recommend her as a true professional who makes what is difficult, seem easy.

P.S. Here is the link to what she wrote for me, so you can judge for yourself"

Strength and Power in Business. Getting from Ideas to Execution

—Ben Baker, Speaker, Author, CEO

Claire Vorster, Writer & Communication Coach

I have mentored thousands of students, teachers, and young entrepreneurs in defining their brand, creating compelling content, and excelling in their respective fields.

Content Creation

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Public Speaking


"From the guy who makes money from autographs to the guy who now signs autographs.

Life never fails to amaze me! 😍



—PPJ, CEO, Firma Stella


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While my copywriting career has taken off and provided me with this totally independent, stimulating source of income that I absolutely love...

Sometimes when I hang out with artists at parties I'd feel shy and unaccomplished, and say I'm "just" a copywriter. As in, NOT a screenwriter, a scriptwriter, a poet or a comedian.

But the truth is, I've been developing my skills in these styles of expression this whole time, in ways that help my clients and pay the bills!

I've finally stopped identifying as a "blocked writer".

And thanks to the help of my inspiring, incredibly supportive writing coach Claire Vorster... I've started identifying as someone who writes.

If we want to change, we really do have to change how we identify and define ourselves.

#copywriter #creativewriting #creativejourney 

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