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  • Claire Vorster

Education Samples and Experience

Updated: Jan 8, 2020

Experience includes

Ground-breaking student recruitment campaigns

Innovative marketing and communications strategies

Prospectus and brochure copy

Please contact me if you would like details of how I can help.


Kingston University

Surrey University

The Association of Commonwealth Universities

The University of London

Prospectus Samples (click to download)

Hollandse School Singapore

West Lothian College, Scotland


"The best university slogan, one almost surreal in its excellence, appeared a couple of years ago in an advertisement for Kingston University. Pure genius." Letter to New Scientist Magazine

“Claire, fantastic work, this is exactly what we needed!” RJ Hoekstra, Independent School, Singapore

“It was a sheer pleasure to work with someone who understood our needs and understood the Higher Education system sufficiently to make sense of our needs!” Bruce Durie, Head of External Affairs, Kingston University​


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