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  • Claire Vorster

Why You Need Personal Accident Insurance. Insider’s Guide

Most of us live with the belief that bad things will not happen to us, so how prepared are we in the event of a personal accident that may threaten our way of life?

According to the Monthly Labour Review, falls account for more than 20 percent of non-fatal injuries requiring time away from work. As much as we want to think of Singapore as a safe place, The General Insurance Association of Singapore has noticed a significant increase in the number of personal injury accidents, some 18 per cent in the last few years.

One insurance insider believes that the compact landscape of the Little Red Dot results in a special set of problems for motorists explaining -

“Cars drive very close to one another, so when you have a collision, it is a very big accident. Chain collisions are an issue. We can see how people suffer from body injury apart from whiplash.”

What Can You Do?

If a mishap happens, family members can be left not only distraught but also burdened financially with both heavy medical costs and after-care. So what can you do?

"In case of an accident, an individual may be exposed to three important risks - loss of income, loss of health and loss of assets. Your insurance policy should take care of these losses," Sumeet Vaid, CEO, Freedom Financial

Affordable Solutions offers a Personal Accident Insurance policy that provides great protection from as low as 25c a day. You can rest assured if the worst happens, we make sure that you and your family's needs are provided for, we not only insure an individual in case of a death due to accident, but also assure monetary payouts in case of permanent disability.

And unlike many other insurers who will only cover GP and Hospital charges, we are also prepared to cover expenses for Traditional Chinese Medicine, an ancient practice that includes herbal remedies, acupuncture, and massage therapy. A 2011 Cochrane review documented that acupuncture can be effective in the treatment of certain mental and physical consequences of an accident.

Buying your Personal Accident Insurance is simply easier and cheaper with You can get a quote, buy your policy and receive immediate cover within a matter of minutes. Unlike many insurers, we don't carry out time-consuming risk assessments on you or ask for medical certificates either.

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