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Ink Mark

Fantastic Fiction
Online Writing Retreat

Tuesday June 30, July 7, 14, 21 and 28


Why are you compelled to write? To tell a story that burns in you? To motivate, teach, or inspire? Nobody writes just to get a book deal or to be on TV. No, you are listening to a loud voice, or a quiet whisper that says,


“You have to tell this story.” 


The hardest thing for any writer - adult or student - is to turn brilliant ideas into a fantastic story. This time, when we are more at home than not, presents the perfect opportunity to get creative, inspired and engaged. Why not join the Fantastic Fiction Retreat as we learn to develop effective, moving, surprising, and well-crafted fiction.


New and developing writers - those who have not yet published and those wanting to take their writing to the next level.


Tuesday June 30, July 7, 14, 21 and 28

Singapore (SST) 8 - 9.30pm -- Paris (CET) 2 - 3.30pm -- Bucharest (EEST) 3 - 4.30pm -- New York (EDT) 8 - 9.30am

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Claire Vorster

Professional Writer & Teacher





Claire Vorster is a published author, both in the US and Europe.  Her writing is currently featured in a book by Financial Times columnist Professor Heather McGregor. In addition, Claire is a member of the Oxford University Press Research Forum. Recently, she has been invited to schools to read Ellie Sparrow and the Great Fire of London - the first in her series of children’s fiction.

For over 20 years, Claire has worked for educators, publishers, businesses, and online markets in SE Asia, the US and Europe. Her experience includes ghost writing, editing and product development for the International Baccalaureate, UK universities, SME to multinational companies and charities. Claire has extensive experience of developing and honing interactive content.

Claire has helped thousands of adults, teachers and students to learn the craft of successful writing. She loves to help students succeed.

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Ink Mark

What Do People Say?


“Claire is a joy to collaborate with – a skilled writer and marketeer with the perfect combination of creativity, perception and market awareness. I would happily recommend her to anyone.”

—T Pettingale, Publisher, UK



"I had a lot of stories i wanted to tell, but I never knew where to start. Claire taught me easy ways to start any story, how to look for story ideas. Also I loved how she showed me how to structure stories so I don't get stuck or frustrated." —SC, Singapore

"There's a big difference between wanting to write and having the skills to be confident in what you want to say. Working with Claire, I can honestly say I can write now. I have learned a lot of techniques that break down the story telling process so I can start, sort out anything messy, know how to stay on track. Also, I know when to stop!"

—CT, Singapore


“Thank you for being so patient and believing in me. You have truly made my IB English experience much, much easier.” —MF, IBDP graduating student 2020


"Junior School children took a trip to the past this week with Claire Vorster (@clairesteaparty) as she talked about her book Ellie Sparrow and the Great Fire of London. What a great way to learn about an important historical event! @TanglinTrust" —Tanglin Trust School, Singapore

"Feedback from our teachers and students has been amazing and we are so grateful for having the opportunity to work with you.  Speak soon and THANK YOU!" —American International School of Bucharest


"Claire, A friend just sent me the link to your article concerning my 2006 Everest expedition. I am humbled and honored by your words." —Brett Merrell, Firefighter, California

5 out of 5 stars.  So readable.  “I could not put this book down. It was funny, moving and so interesting. It made me laugh out loud so many times - and that is rare in a book.” —Amazon Review



“This is a good read. It’s big hearted. Moving and pacey in its writing, I found it really engaging.”

—GoodBookStall Review

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Ink Mark

What Will I Learn?

The Fantastic Fiction retreat will crunch down some key industry knowledge about what makes writing work. You’ll get practical tricks of the trade from successful authors who consistently write best sellers - and you’ll use them immediately. So each time you learn a new element of the craft, you will achieve writing success. Sessions include:

✍️  Backstage pass -- Activities designed to get you in the zone and warm up your creative abilities.

✍️  Making it count -- A promise involving action is better than a wish. you’ll define what success looks like for you. 

✍️  The art of the plot -- You’ll find out how famous authors avoid bad plots and produce great ones. And start
       writing your own.

✍️  The art of character -- Great characters are not simply what they do. You’ll learn how to avoid the mistakes that
       make readers abandon books and to produce characters your readers will miss after they finish your story.

✍️  Coaching & review -- Coach Claire Vorster will offer directed feedback and students will be able to share their
       new work, together in a structured and supportive session.

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Reserve via email 

♧  To reserve your place, please pay in full by Bank Transfer.

♧  Email Claire for bank details and to book -

♧  Please state which currency you would like to pay in.


Your Investment 

♧  Places on the Fantastic Fiction Retreat are limited to 12 people.

♧  Your investment for the 5 week program is:


SGD 595   |   EUR 379  |  USD 430

This includes

♧  Our weekly coaching sessions.

♧  An ongoing community page to share work, activities and writing tips.

♧  3 Work books - step by step guides that quickly help you master the art of the plot and dynamic character



♧  Full refund available up to two weeks before the start of the course.

♧  Naturally, we cannot guarantee to hold a place unless fees are paid.



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