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What if I Told You That You're a Transformer?

I know what you're thinking.

Here's a loner, an underrated talent, and a potential world leader who must find a voice. Yes! Entrepreneurs and business leaders need your skills or expertise to transform their communication, design, psychology, systems and processes.

Which type of transformation do you make?

Peter Parker's transformation You give companies agility, strength, and help to break down or scale barriers. You invent new ways to engage customers and boost conversions.

Michael Oher’s transformation You offer wisdom, support and encouragement. This leads to either personal or athletic transformation. You help people to set realistic goals, nurture a ‘can-do’ mindset and achieve the success they’ve been looking for.

King George VI’s transformation You help brands to grow in confidence on the world stage, even in challenging times. You help businesses to communicate in a way that is simple, clear and easy to implement. This way you produce top performing results.

Business example @osh_alchemy builds landing pages for eCom brands. Osh’s designs have generated over $100,000,000+. His secret? Conversion Rate Optimization, because when it comes to working with eCom stores, it's about functional pages, that convert like crazy.

Actionable idea Here are some ways you can showcase your ability to help businesses or people achieve transformative change.

1. Show a before and after. This could be a teardown/redesign, a content or landing page refresh, or a great piece of social proof.

2. Get a well-chosen influencer to use your product. Someone who can talk authentically and eloquently about your product / service.

3. Help someone have a breakthrough for a specific problem. This can generate word-of-mouth, and you will be highly likely to get repeat business.

Want your personal unfair advantage? DM me ‘yes’ for 5 free content templates or marketing ideas (designed just for you). 50+ businesses and brands have benefited from this so far.


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